Drowning in information, but starved for knowledge? FeedNews is a news digest app with AI and social curation specially tailored for you. With our recommendation engine and social news aggregator, FeedNews lets you stay on top of things that matter to you. Easy to read on a daily basis so you're always up-to-date and never feel FoMO again. Spend less time searching for news and more time enjoying it!


• AI curated social news: Real time AI curated news delivered to you. The more you use FeedNews, the better it becomes. Get the information that interests you the most.

• Aggregated articles from Twitter: Connect your Twitter account to find great content that has been filtered, read and shared by the friends you follow. Pan for gold from Twitter and keep up with trending news.

• Reading list: Bookmark good finds. Save articles to read later, even when offline!

• Real-time intelligent ranking: Every time you click, refresh and switch a channel, only show what matters to you most, never miss out on what you care about.

• Top news sources: Choose and subscribe to 20 popular topics like entertainment, economy, finance, business, technology, science, sports, travel, fashion and politics, delivered by top global and national media like CNN, BBC, Reuters, Engadget and more.

• Magazine-style reader: An all-in-one newsstand with an intuitive user interface designed for your reading experience.

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From version FeedNews: AI curated news app 2.7.1:

We are constantly working to improve FeedNews. Here are some of the latest changes we've made to improve your experience:
- Tabs for main application UI
- Sped up application startup time
- Feed selection UI update
- New category management UI
- Changed the look of feeds and cards
- Sliding menu was removed
- Fixed URL navigation in web mode
- Other stability and performance improvements to make the app more awesome!

Latest: 1.0.3 on August 4, 2016
Latest: 1.3.2 on August 23, 2016
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