Apex News is an industry leading news aggregator which lets you stay informed on national and international breaking headlines. It highlights the latest news and provides the stories that matter to you!

Apex News refines the noisy daily news cycle into one powerful feed. In short, we make staying informed easy.

Sorting through hundreds of thousands of stories each day, we find the perfect content to fit you, all in a fast, easy-to-read format. And the more you use it, the better our recommendations get.

Top US & International News Sources
With 15,000+ sources from all the top publishers, we deliver the widest variety of American news and World News content available. You’ll never miss the most important headlines and trending content

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Get stories from the sites in your neighborhood, county, city and state.

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You can count on our speedy notifications system that tracks breaking stories from every publisher.

Not your pappy’s News Aggregator
Our next-gen personalization system pairs advanced machine learning analytics with an 11-country editorial team with the goal to delight and inform you on the day’s top and trending stories.

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Facts, and Fun
Depending on what you like, our channels present a mix of hard-hitting journalism as well as enjoyable articles to share with friends. You’ll find stories on World News, National News, Tech News and more, collected from newspapers, television, magazines, digital publications, blogs, vlogs, and adorable dogs -- all across the media spectrum!

It’s a crazy world, stay sane with Apex News.

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