Share your location in real time with your contacts and groups from Telegram and view their locations on the map in OsmAnd Maps & Navigation.

OsmAnd Online GPS Tracker is a modified Telegram client created for flexible monitoring and sending of messages with GPS location in real time.

Log in using your phone number registered in Telegram to enable the following:
• Manage the list of contacts and groups that send you their location
• View the location of contacts and groups in real time on the map in OsmAnd
• Set the time (up to 24 hours) for sharing the location separately for each chat
• Set the GPS sending frequency: from once per second for increasing accuracy to once in 5 minutes for reducing power consumption
• Watch the chronology of your and your contacts' movement

The application sends the Live Location messages to the selected chats for the time you specified, displays a list of your contacts and groups, and checks the chats for the presence of the messages with a location, which are then displayed on the map in OsmAnd.
The application does not send or view text messages.

To view the GPS positions of contacts on the map, install the latest version of OsmAnd or OsmAnd +.
The minimum supported version of OsmAnd and OsmAnd + is 3.0.4.

From version OsmAnd Online GPS Tracker 0.91:

• improved location
• added logs and toasts for errors
• fixed stuck on login screen
• fixed the error with sending the map
• bugs fixed

Latest: 0.858 on February 27, 2021
Latest: 0.858 on February 27, 2021
Latest: 0.858 on February 27, 2021
Latest: 0.858 on February 27, 2021
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