- Updated support for Android 13
- Improved back button support for Android 13
- Added notification permission for Android 13
- Updated billing
- Added annual subscription
- Improved loading of rewarded ad
- Added remove ad card
- Updated Other section
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
- Updated recommended section
- Updated translations
- Updated libraries

⏱️ The most accurate speed test
📊 Easy access to bandwidth speed and usage
🔃 Fully customizable speed indicator

🔃 NetSpeed Indicator is a convenient, small, and simple network tool with useful features that allows you to discover your download and upload speeds, check ping, analyze and get connected devices on Wi-Fi, speed test, and many more.
Check current Download/Upload speeds directly from your status bar, notification, or in-app itself, available in kbps, Mbps or KB/s, MB/s
Since Android doesn't show network connection statistics on screen, you are not able to see current internet bandwidth used for upload and download.
You can track the live network information for any kind of a network (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi)!

Net Speed indicator also contains other functions:
⭐ Speed test - The most accurate speed test (by ookla)
⭐ Check Today's and Monthly usage of Data and Wi-Fi usage for both sent and received bytes.
⭐ App stats - A place to check the app data and WiFi usage over a chosen period of time.
⭐ Floating widget - Floating bubble (also expandable on tap) showing the current Upload/Download speeds.
⭐ Wi-Fi Analyzer - Check more info about your and available Wi-Fi hotspots (SSID, BSSID, Signal strength, MAC, ID, frequency, and many more).
⭐ Ping test - Test PING on any destination(by default is google.com), and get min, max, and average ping, including packet loss.
⭐ Discover devices - Find all devices connected to your Wi-Fi, get info about them.

Available in-app subscription for ads removal:
- Disable ads for 24h (can be used every day for free, unlimited)
- Disable ads for 1 week
- Disable ads for 1 month

💁 I'm listening for suggestions from the users and trying to implement them as soon as possible. 90% of the suggestions are actually there. Check the links below for more.

If you have a suggestion, ideas, or anything else including reporting bugs, join the discussion group on this link:

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v1.7.22 APK
August 18, 2022
Android 6.0+
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