We’re turning best-selling romance novels into movies and series. From sweet and sassy to sultry and steamy, our originals will leave you gasping for more. Only on Passionflix.

Start a movie

In order to start a movie go to the detail page by clicking on the image. Then hit the play button.
You can fast forward and rewind the movie by either tapping on the right and left side of the player window or moving the point on the progress bar to the desired spot by holding it with your finger.

Change audio and subtitles

If the movie has different audio or subtitles a small menu in the upper left corner will appear. When you click on it you can make your selection.

Content availability

Our own produced Passionflix content is available for our paying customers in 150 countries worldwide so you won’t miss out on the latest addition while you are on holidays.

More movies and series

We are producing more content as we speak and at the same time negotiating with studios to offer you more passionate movies.

Keep an eye out on our website, Facebook page and newsletter where we will inform you about upcoming releases.

Barometer of Naughtiness

We have categorized our movies and series by naughtiness level. So depending on your mood you can find fitting content to watch. Just explore the BON section and choose the naughtiness level you are up to.

Adding movies to a personal list

When you are browsing through our content you can add movies to a personal list that you are interested in. Just click on the movie to get to a detailed description. There you will find a plus button to add the movie to your list.
When you return to the start page you will see that we added you a new section called “My list” for easy access to your marked movies.

From version Passionflix (Android TV) 3.5.2:

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Passionflix (Android TV) 2.10.0


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