Stop exposing your credit or debit card information and protect your online payments with Privacy. Join over 200,000+ users that have saved millions of dollars by using Privacy to block unwanted charges from compromised cards, overcharging, hidden fees, and forgotten subscriptions.

Securely provide your banking information once to Privacy and you can create virtual cards for all of your online purchasing needs. Privacy provides you with a set of tools that lets you pay with an added layer of privacy and helps protect you from payment card theft and fraud.

* Shield your true financial information: Our Privacy Cards mask your debit card or bank account number to help protect you from card theft and fraud. Pay with greater privacy and security anytime, anywhere on desktop or on mobile.

* Create merchant-locked and one-time use cards: Our cards automatically “lock” to the first merchant they are used at, so if the merchant is ever breached, the card number can never be used anywhere else. You can also create one-time use cards that automatically close after a single transaction.

* Take complete control over your spending: Set customizable spending limits to prevent overcharging and block hidden fees--perfect for managing subscriptions and recurring expenses. If a transaction goes over the limit, it will automatically be declined.

* Leverage real time monitoring: Receive notifications any time a Privacy Card is used. Easily pause, unpause, and close Privacy Cards with one push of a button.

Privacy is free to use because, like other card companies, we collect transaction fees from merchants. Privacy Cards can be used everywhere major credit and debit cards are accepted.

The security of our users’ personal information and data is critical to everything that we do at Privacy, and you can review our security policies at

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From version 2.17.0:

Updated onboarding flow.

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