With pCloud you can store files from multiple devices to a one beautiful and intuitive cloud storage space.

Upon joining we will present you with 10 GB FREE cloud storage!
Visit the web platform at my.pcloud.com to learn how to extend your storage up to 20 GB for free!

With pCloud you can:

- expand your phone's storage with up to 2 TB!
- backup all camera photos and videos automatically.
- sync files across all your devices.
- access your files even if you are offline.
- share files, track changes and statistics.
- encrypt your sensitive data with a military-grade client-side encryption - pCloud Crypto®.
- play music with a built-in audio player.
- upload quickly, regardless of the file size.

pCloud is also available for iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux and any popular web browser.

Read our Terms of service for full disclosure.

Learn more about the permissions we use:
From version pCloud: Free Cloud Storage 1.26.0:
Photos and Videos filters in the left menu are completely re-made!

You can now:
- View all your photos or videos in chronological order, sorted by date.
- Choose between different views: by day, by month or by year.
- Fast-scroll to older photos and videos.
- Preview and loading are much, much faster!

- A problem where offline access files weren't always available.
- Crashes and minor bugs.
All versions