What's new in Pixel Filter

Tap app icon 3 times to launch settings dialog.
Option to keep notification when filter is disabled, for quick access.
Enabled support for Android 7. The app has limited functionality on Android 7 and above.

From version Pixel Filter 2.4:

About Pixel Filter

Decrease screen brightness below minimum level, by turning off individual pixels. This way the screen contrast is kept at the same level.
Save battery on newer AMOLED screens - they will turn off black pixels completely.
Tap app icon 3 times to show settings dialog.
Includes screen pattern editor.
Screen pattern is shifted each 5 minutes to prevent uneven pixel wear-out.
This app has limited functionality on Android 7 and newer, it cannot dim system buttons and notification area, because of new security model in Android 7.

App sources available here: github.com/pelya/screen-dimmer-pixel-filter

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January 17, 2018


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Pixel Filter 2.2
February 19, 2017


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