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From version Bixby Button Remapper 1.07.1:

1.07 - July 25
* Yet another attempted workaround for recent Samsung patches (AQG5). Samsung continues to try as hard as they can to stop Bixby Button remapping apps, showing very clearly just how anti-consumer they are.
* Bug fixes.

About Bixby Button Remapper

This app is somewhat experimental! It allows you to remap the Bixby Button on the Galaxy S8 to something other than, well, Bixby!

Bixby Button Remapper is an app with a main focus around simplicity and performance. There are 2 different modes: "More Stable" mode, which is very carefully curated so as to not impede on device performance whatsoever, and "No Delay" mode which works like every other Bixby remapping app these days and uses more CPU power. Luckily, you have 2 options!

This app is somewhat experimental, so send me an email at support@phascinate.com if you experience any issues!

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Bixby Button Remapper 1.03


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