GroomTribe is the Philips Shaving and Styling App- created to help guys get the most out of their shave and create their ideal beard styles.

Combining Philips’ decades of shaver and trimmer design know-how with the expertise of dermatologists, barbers and other professionals, GroomTribe is the only male grooming app you’ll ever need.

-Pair the app with a Philips Bluetooth enabled shaver to get real-time guidance as you shave. Using the inbuilt sensors in your connected shaver, you can groom yourself quickly and effectively, while also eliminating common shaving-related skin issues thanks to your own Personal Shave Plan.
-If you’ve ever wondered how to grow an eye-catching beard or gravity-defying mustache, or even if you just want to know how to create a good-looking stubble, GroomTribe’s Style feature will guide you every shave of the way.
-Get personalized beard styling and shaving advice based on your interests, and receive tips and tricks covering a range of men’s lifestyle topics.

From version GroomTribe Styling and Shaving 7.8.0:

This update includes a number of stability improvements and bug fixes, meaning you can expect even better performance when using GroomTribe as a part of your regular grooming routine. Keep your app up to date for the best possible user experience, and don’t forget to rate us in the app store!

(Android 6.0+)
Latest: 7.5.3 on December 17, 2021
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