Track your baby's feeding and sleeping patterns and use them to build a routine with our free app. Get expert advice and immediate help from doctors and lactation consultants when you need it.

With the free uGrow baby development tracking app you can:
- Keep track of baby feeding (whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding) and sleeping patterns, and use them to build up routines
- Track your newborn's height and weight
- Online doctor visits 24/7 provided by Amwell
- Get age-specific expert advice that's tailored to your baby's development
- Capture your baby's development and milestones in a single handy timeline
- Access online doctor visits 24/7, provided by Amwell

Our experienced clinicians can provide the care your family needs quickly from the comfort of home. Have a visit with a pediatrician, doctor, lactation consultant and more through the uGrow app. We connect you to board-certified, experienced medical providers. High-quality healthcare is available, 24/7, on-demand or through scheduled appointments.

uGrow is made by Philips Avent. We believe a healthy start can pave the way to a healthy future. uGrow is our way of helping you give your baby just that.

We're continually growing and developing, so you'll see plenty of new features and articles to help you and your little one on your journey. Unfortunately the app can't yet support twins, but watch this space.

Download uGrow now for free, seperate charges apply for Online Doctors visits provided by Amwell. Please note that as of 2018 we will only support operating systems Android 5 and above.

From version uGrow baby development tracker 1.7.2:

Just like your little one, this app continues to grow day-by-day. This app update includes performance updates for Philips Telehealth provided by Amwell for our US users.

(Android 5.0+)
Latest: 1.7.2 on November 16, 2018
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