What's new in Pintasking

From version Pintasking 1.0.9:

- hot fix for incompatibility with other accessibility services (e.g SoundHUD)
Accesibillity services have to declare a feedback type (visual, haptic, ....). The system notifies only ONE service per type about specific events. It looks like the only exception for this behavior are services that declared multiple types (bad for other services) or the type "generic" (works for all :) ).

About Pintasking

This is an app for power users that miss the old good Taskbar, ALT-TAB shortcut, WIN+[n] shortcut or workspaces on their Android devices. PinTasking allows you to create floating shortcuts in form of pins, on demand and based on their current task and workload.

• pin apps/tasks/documents to access them quickly from any screen and app
• jump quickly to your most recent task
• or your whole tasks history
• doesn't restart your tasks under Lollipop like similar apps
• [ROOT] Disable the app-switch-delay
• extremely customizable
• smooth & cool animations
• Material design
• integrate your browser in PinTasking to:
• easily pin your browser whenever you open a link
• collect / preload links without to leave an application
• quickly share or open links in another app
• works with nearly all browsers

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December 19, 2015


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