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Use Pitch Gauge© to calculate the total size and slope of any roof. It includes two digital slope finders and a square calculator. Find slope without ever leaving the ground using camera-mode. Then, take a picture with the pitch reading and current address stamped onto it, and attach it to an email for your own or the insurance company’s documentation.


Address Stamp
• Include your current address (job site address) on photos taken in camera-mode.
• *Note: We do not store address information.

• Use this digital pitch finder to find roof slope/steepness without ever leaving the ground.
• Documentation – take pictures with (or without) slope reading embedded, then email.

• Use this digital pitch finder to find roof slope/steepness by laying your device directly against the roof or soffit.
• Calibrate your slope finder to maintain accuracy at all times.

Square Calculator
• Input length, width, pitch, and cut level (complexity) of the roof to find total number of squares (size).
• Add multiple sections for more complex roofs using the “+.”

• Choose standard (U.S. Customary Units/Imperial) or metric units of measure.

How to use Pitch Gauge®: speakerdeck.com/u/pitchgauge
Pitch Gauge® Promotional Video: youtu.be/lmao40eWOTg
Pitch Gauge® Introductory Video: youtu.be/SN3bXMxas3c

*Please contact us if you want to purchase/license a customized version of Pitch Gauge® bearing your company name & logo (minimum purchase required). Email Support@ProlificMethods.com

Feel free to contact us for any reason by emailing Support@ProlificMethods.com

From version Pitch Gauge 2.4.8:

Fixed camera for most Devices.
If you have trouble with camera, please change Camera API in settings.
Change photo naming convention.
Now you can change the name of your photos to save by date.

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September 24, 2018


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