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The Official BlackVue Dash Cameras app.
The BlackVue app supports all the BlackVue models with Wi-Fi compatibility.
The BlackVue app features three modes: BlackVue Cloud, BlackVue Wi-Fi, and Internal Memory.

Access your dashcam in a direct connection over Wi-Fi. To do so, connect first to your BlackVue from your phone’s Wi-Fi Network menu.
Once connected, you can go to the BlackVue app’s BlackVue Wi-Fi menu to access all the videos stored on your dashcam’s microSD card, check Live View to adjust your camera’s angle if needed, and modify your BlackVue’s settings.
You can also apply a firmware update over-the-air after downloading the firmware to your phone. If you are already connected to your BlackVue, make sure to connect to an Internet-enabled Wi-Fi network to download the latest firmware from the app: the Firmware Download option is accessible from the sliding menu (swipe left to right in the Main Menu of the app).

Once you have downloaded videos from your dashcam to your phone, they will appear in this menu. From here, you can organize your files into folders and save videos to your phone’s photo/video album.

BlackVue Over the Cloud is a BlackVue-exclusive and free service (with option to pay for more) that lets you access your BlackVue from anywhere, anytime, from the BlackVue app (or the BlackVue Viewer).
Creating your BlackVue Over the Cloud account is simple and free. After creating your account, the app lets you register your Cloud-compatible BlackVue and set it up to connect to a hotspot and enjoy the following features:
▶ Remote Live View – Remotely monitor your car in real time.
▶ Two-way Voice Communication – Talk with people in the car from your phone.
▶ Emergency Alarm – Receive notifications on your phone when preset events occur.
▶ Video Backup – Move files from your dashcam to the Cloud storage or your phone, right from the app.
▶ GPS Tracking – Visualize on a map your car’s location and speed.
▶ Remote Video Playback – Play videos stored in the Cloud or in your dashcam anytime from your phone or tablet.
▶ Cloud compatibility:
– DR650S Series (1CH/2CH/2CH IR/2CH TRUCK)
– DR650GW Series (1CH/2CH/2CH IR/2CH TRUCK)

All Wi-Fi-compatible BlackVue models.
Available features depend on the BlackVue model you use.
If you have any problems using the app, don’t hesitate to contact Customer Support at [email protected]

From version BlackVue 2.91:
1. Improved GPS Tracking:
- Improved tracking log search and results.

2. New Video On Map function (Fleet Plan only):
- Play Cloud uploaded videos from the map.
Note: incompatible with DR650GW Series.

3. New HDR Night Vision function featuring HDR (replaces Enhanced Night Vision).
Note: compatible with DR900S Series.

※ Compatible model & firmware version
1) DR650GW-1/2CH v2.010 and up.
2) DR650S-1/2CH v1.013 and up.
3) DR750S-1/2CH v1.017 and up.
4) DR900S-1/2CH v1.012 and up.
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