Important: Features in Wavelet depend on system libraries found on your device. A minority of devices lack (some of) the libraries. As a result, not all features may be available.

With over 2700 precalculated optimizations for headphone models and many options for customizability, Wavelet is a great addition to any mobile audio setup.

• All models have been measured and compensated to the Harman target to provide you with the best sound quality you can get out of your cans.

9-band Graphic equalizer
• Compensate for missing frequencies or annoying spikes

Bass booster (Full package)
• Add some extra thump to your beats

Reverberation (Full package)
• Simulate reverberation in your tracks

Virtualizer (Full package)
• Add spatialization effect to your music

Bass tuner (Full package)
• Remove unwanted resonance from bass frequencies

• Remove unwanted volume peaks

Channel balance
• Restore balance between left and right channel

From version Wavelet: Headphone specific equalization 21.03:

- Update AutoEq database to the latest state (cd4d8a9)
- Add Brazilian Portuguese translation
- Fix app names not displayed in notification on Android 11
- Fix an edge case where a purchase is not getting acknowledged
- Fix rotation issues and add support for 180°

Latest: 21.03 on March 5, 2021
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