You just found Plato! We’re the best place for you to chat & play over 45 games with friends or someone new. Lots of people near you use Plato to find fun and make new friends, so you’ll be in good company.

Over 45 Group Games

Yep, that’s right. Plato has over 45 free multiplayer games (that are actually good and without pay-to-win gimmicks) including:

Ocho 8️⃣, Pool 🎱, Table Soccer ⚽, Werewolf (Mafia) 🐺, Ludo 🟠, Bowling 🎳, Mini Golf 🏌️, Darts 🎯, 4 in a Row ⭕, Skeeball 🕳️, Match Monsters 💎, Plox 👾, Chess ♟️, Backgammon ⚪, Checkers 🏁, Basketball 🏀, Archery, Cup Pong, Draw Together, Dice Party 🎲, Dominoes ◻️, Gin Rummy ♦️, Sea Battle 🛥️, Go Fish 🎣, Dots & Boxes ☑️, Bingo 🅱️, Minesweepers 💣, Reversi ⚫, Literati 🔠, Go ☯️ and many more.

We’re adding new games all the time, too.

No Ads & Private by Design

Everyone hates annoying ads, so we just don't have them.

We also believe that your data is your own. That’s also why we don’t ask for an e-mail address or phone number to signup for Plato. Plus, your 1:1 conversations don’t get stored on our servers once they get delivered so they're actually private.

Get Together in Groups

Plato makes it easy to gather a group of up to 250 friends to play and chat together. You’ll never miss a message with real-time notifications either.

Find Competition

Get paired up with another real person using our matchmaking system or join one of many weekly tournaments. If you’re good enough, you can climb the leaderboards while you level up in your favorite games or earn Coins to spend in the Shop.

Make Friends

Tens of thousands of people are online right now and Plato makes it easy to find new friends through any of our dozens of public chat rooms. Breaking the ice is easy with friendly games.

Now it’s time to stop reading and start playing and chatting together. Install Plato for free and let the good times get going.

Have a question? E-mail us at, we’d love to hear from you.

From version Plato - Games & Group Chats 3.7.3:

Twas’ the coldest night of Winter, when all through the app,
Not a game was stirring, not even in chat.
The Shop was organized by section with care,
In the hopes that new items would soon be there.
A storm brewed throughout the night,
With winds strong enough to bring a fright.
Players were settled all snug in their beds,
When outside the app there arose such a clatter!

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