⚔️PvP/PvE strategy RPG! Can you become the lord of combat that rings the bells of death? Grab your sword, rise to the occasion and fight for both sides in this war of good and evil!

Assemble a league of arcane legends, angels, demons, wizards, warriors and more in this online turn-based strategy RPG! Create a squad of mighty heroes of mythic proportions and explore the light and dark campaigns, restoring order or chaos to a fragmented and far from perfect world. Use the might, power and magic of your heroes to hack and slash at the heart of an eternal war.

Take on the titanic quest of the light campaign, assemble a divine and mighty party from a whole kingdom of heroes and dominate evil demons in combat. For honor!

Travel a path of exile within the dark campaign! Construct a legion of darkened souls, demons and other esteemed hero hunters, then use them to awaken the era of chaos! Follow in the footsteps of the Beast and see what legacy you can leave. For wrath!

Test your powers against other players online in PvP tournaments or the Arena. Collect your heroes and enter into vicious combat with the other fighters in the MMO PvP Arena. Or, take on a tournament to really prove your skills and see how high you can place!

Step into the Tomb of Horrors and see how long you can survive a gauntlet of battles, where you're not permitted to heal in between each fight! Or take on the inhabitants of the Cradle of Chaos, a shifting battleground that affects different heroes in odd ways.

⭐⭐ Age of Magic features: ⭐⭐

🛡 PvE story campaigns from multiple perspectives!

⚔️ PvP tournaments, arenas and more!

🏰 Clans, raids and rewards!

😈 Demons, angels, shadows, legends, arcane magic and more!

📅 Special fantasy events with incredible prizes!

⏱ Fast-paced and strategic battles!

📈 Collect heroes, level them up and equip them with different items!

‼️ All of this and so much more!

Travel the shattered world and see what you can accomplish! Will you fight for good or evil? Order or chaos? Honor or darkness? The choice is yours in this kingdom of heroes and dragons!

"Take on the challenges of Age of Magic today!
Play this turn-based PvE/PvP strategy RPG, your way - whether that's online or offline; strategically or as a button-masher. "

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Fate calls for you!

From version Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG 2.4.1:

Level up to 100
Cradle of Chaos upgrade
Tournament update
New Hero: Diana
New Hero: Teona
New ways to get rare Heroes!

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Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG 2.4.1


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Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG 2.4.0


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Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG 2.3.0


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Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG 2.2


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Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG 2.1


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Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG 2.0.1


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Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG 2.0


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Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG 1.47


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Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG 1.46.1


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Age of Magic: Turn Based RPG 1.46


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