Uncertain economic conditions give you a lot of headache? Worry no more! Because we believe, there will be new opportunities awaiting beyond the trying days. Now is the time to #BukaPluangmu!

Invest in US Stocks, US Indexes, Gold, Crypto Assets, and Mutual Funds–all in one app. 

Secure and trustworthy
• Pluang is collaborating with companies that are licensed and regulated by the relevant financial authorities for each asset class
• Transactions for Crypto, US Stocks, US Indexes and Gold are supervised by BAPPEBTI, while those for Mutual Funds are supervised by OJK*

Easy and hassle-free
• Register and start investing in just a few minutes
• Transactions are supported by various payment methods such as bank transfer, LinkAja, GoPay, and Jenius. 
• All transactions in Pluang are carried out transparently with no hidden costs

Learn as you invest
• Learn all about investing and stay one step ahead with Pluang Academy
• Become a successful trader with access to trending news, price alerts, investing experts, in-app chat room, telegram community and more!


• Buy and sell 190+ popular crypto assets including BTC, ETH, USDT, APE, SAND and more starting from just IDR 5,000
• Send and receive crypto assets safely and easily, anytime and anywhere
• Send popular tokens like BTC, ETH, FIL, ONT, XVS using BSC network from as low as Rp6.300
• Earn passive income through Pluang Cuan with up to 3.5% yield per year for BTC and ETH

US Stocks
• Invest in top companies in the US stock market such as Apple, Amazon, Tesla, NVIDIA and many more from just IDR5,000
• Use the power of leverage to reach your financial goals faster. Invest in 20+ curated US Stocks with 2x leverage
• Take your trades to the next level with Advance Order types like Limit Order, Stop Order/Stop Loss Order, Stop Limit Order, and Take Profit Order
• Earn dividends from your holdings!

• Invest in gold starting from IDR 10,000 with a low spread of 1.75% and no admin fees
• Get access to AutoInvest, 0% instalments, physical gold conversion and gold gifting
• Stay up to date with gold prices in the Pluang app

US Indexes
• Easily diversify your investments with the most popular US indexes – S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100
• Start with as little as 0.1 units of the index value 

Mutual Funds
• Choose from our curated list of 45+ Mutual Funds, which include Sharia Mutual Funds, Fixed Income Mutual Funds, Money Market Mutual Funds, and Balanced Mutual Funds.
• Invest while supporting our nation with mutual funds like UOBAM Dana Rupiah and UOBAM Dana Membangun Negeri 


Connect with us:
Email: tanya@pluang.com
Instagram: @pluang_id
Website: www.pluang.com
Customer Service: (021) 8063 0065

*More about our licences:
• Crypto is powered by PT Bumi Santosa Cemerlang, which is licensed under BAPPEBTI.
• US stocks and US Indexes are powered by PT PG Berjangka, which is licensed and supervised by BAPPEBTI.
• Gold is powered by PT Pluang Emas Sejahtera, which is licensed and supervised by BAPPEBTI.
• Mutual funds are powered by PT Sarana Santosa Sejati, which is supervised by OJK.

From version Pluang–Crypto, US Stocks, Gold 5.3.2:

Safe & legal investment with a new look
Start your investment journey with 3 clicks & 5K IDR

Your all-in-one investment app

Crypto Assets
130+ coin selections
Earn up to 3.5% APY at Pluang Cuan

US Stocks
Invest in 45+ US top companies
Get the dividend

US Stock Futures
Diversify your assets in S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100
Easy & direct investment using Rupiah

Lowest spread fee
0% installment

Mutual Fund
Invest in various curated assets
FREE commission fee

Latest: 5.0.7 on August 24, 2022
Latest: 5.3.2 on March 14, 2023
All versions
Pluang–Crypto, US Stocks, Gold 5.3.2


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Pluang–Crypto, US Stocks, Gold 5.2.1


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Pluang–Crypto, US Stocks, Gold 5.1.6


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