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We like to think Plurk as a social network for weirdos - the cool, uncompromising and loving community for misfits we all long to have. Some of the largest communities for cosplayers, knitters, anime lovers, gay and etc found their voice on Plurk. And for that we are proud.

We want to build Plurk not only a great community, but also a new kind of social destination that approaches human connection differently. Our users value privacy more than users of other social networks. You don't necessarily have to use real names, reveal your gender, location, or even age to the public. We talk funny. We are easily amused and at times, easily offended.

With the first-ever newly released official mobile app, Plurk aims to bring a new kind of conversation and interaction to the social network world. It's not perfect. But please do try to install and use it with anyone you know. Enjoy a pleasant and great conversation experience in the social world without worrying leaking out your privacy.

Stay tuned, more to come!

From version Plurk 6.7.16:

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