It does not matter whether you are an individual or an entrepreneur, whether you have a card of PrivatBank or another bank. Necessary services are available for everyone.

Pay for anything and anywhere:
• transfers to Visa and Mastercard cards;
• top-ups of mobile numbers of all Ukrainian carriers;
• payment for utilities, Internet, television, education, payment of fines for traffic rules violation, etc.;
• currency exchange;
• instant transfers and SWIFT transfers.

Loans and savings control:
• credit limit management;
• repayment under the "Payment by parts" and "Instant installment" agreements;
• cash loan, mortgage, and car leasing;
• accumulation of funds using the "Moneybox" service.

Unique services:
• purchase of train tickets;
• payment of fares on public transport;
• registration of insurance policies – health insurance, travel insurance, MTPL insurance;
• adding discount cards to accumulate bonuses.

Lots of card and account management features:
• limit management – for online payment and cash withdrawal;
• cash withdrawal and cash order;
• issuing and reissuing card online;
• adding card to Apple Pay;
• choice of virtual card design.

Features available for entrepreneurs:
• transfer of funds from the entrepreneur's account;
• view of balance and account statement;
• sharing account details with business partners.

We could describe all the benefits of the updated Privat24 application for a long time. But better see for yourself.

Join us. More than 13 million clients already did it.

From version Privat24 6.47.00:

In this episode:
– Start using a new card issued at work or a bank branch with a few clicks in Privat24: Wallet → Add → Plastic card.
– Updated the design of the "Online help" section. From now, it is even more convenient to communicate with client support.
– Call the bank via the app: Client profile → Support → Call the support.
– Purchase international insurance "Green card" for your car: Services → Insurance → Green card.

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August 11, 2022


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February 17, 2022


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January 25, 2022


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January 24, 2022


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