LibreTorrent is an original Free as in Freedom torrent client for Android 4 and later, based on libtorrent. Download and share files directly on your device.

Source code:

Implemented features:
- DHT, PeX, encryption, LSD, UPnP, NAT-PMP, µTP
- IP filtering (eMule dat and PeerGuardian)
- Ability to fine tune (network settings, power management, battery control, UI settings, etc.)
- Supports torrents with large number of files and big files
- HTTPS and magnet links support
- Support proxy for trackers and peers
- Ability to move files while downloading
- Ability to automatic movement of files to another directory or to an external drive at the end of download
- Ability to specify file and folder priorities
- Ability to select which files to download
- Ability to download sequentially
- Material Design
- Tablet optimized UI
- Scheduling
- RSS manager
- Android TV support
- Ability to create torrents
- And more
From version LibreTorrent 1.8:
* Bugfixing
* Added:
- RSS manager
- Ability to create torrents
- Scheduling
- Android TV support
- Android P support
- More improve magnet naming
- Expand proxy port range to 65535
- Allow resume torrents manually if enabled power/Wi-Fi settings
- Minor changes
* Moving source code to GitLab
* Reduce size by splitting APK for each architecture (F-Droid is not yet supported)
Latest: 1.8 on August 2, 2018
Latest: 1.8 on August 2, 2018
Latest: 1.7 on April 18, 2018
Latest: 1.8 on August 2, 2018
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August 2, 2018
April 18, 2018
November 28, 2017