Care19 Alert is the official COVID-19 exposure notification app for North Dakota and Wyoming as authorized by each states Department of Health.

Care19 Alert allows you to receive notifications if you have been near someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 recently. Care19 Alert uses Apple’s Exposure Notification API to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, with user privacy and security central to its design.

Care19 Alert maintains your privacy while securely communicating with nearby iOS and Android devices that also have exposure notifications enabled. This happens through the exchange of random keys that change every 15 minutes. These keys are stored securely on your device and hidden from the Care19 Alert application. All keys remain on your device and are not accessible unless you have tested positive for COVID-19, been contacted and verified by the Department of Health, and consent to sharing the random keys with others.

Care19 Alert allows you to notify others if you test positive for COVID-19 and it will notify you if someone you came in contact tested positive for COVID-19. With your permission, your key/date pairs will be securely uploaded to the National Key Server run by the Association of Public Health Laboratories. All uploaded key/date pairs are distributed to all of the devices connected to the National Key Server.

The downloaded keys are matched by the operating system based on criteria established by each Department of Health, and if you have a match you will be notified of the exposure and provided by your department of Health with the set of actions to take provided.

From version Care19 Alert 1.2:

Fix an issue where some Samsung phones would not scan reliably

Latest: 1.0 on August 25, 2020
Latest: 1.0 on August 25, 2020
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Care19 Alert 1.2
November 27, 2020


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Care19 Alert 1.1
September 18, 2020


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Care19 Alert 1.0
August 25, 2020


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