QIWI Wallet is a simple way to transfer money, receive payments and pay for 75 000 services around the world.

Install QIWI Wallet and free yourself for the essential.

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Pay for anything you want
Entertainment: Steam, World of Tanks, Warfare & other games, digital content, online shopping, cinema, booking and more.
Fast money transfers: between wallets, to bank accounts and cards, to Yandex.Money & Webmoney, via money transfer service CONTACT.
Regular invoices: Mosenergosbyt, communal services, Gazprom, Tricolor & commercial TV, Rostelecom & landline phone and other city services.
Social services: traffic fines, parking, school meal & extra education, taxes, Troika card top up etc.
Loans: Sberbank, Alfa Bank, Home Credit, VTB and other Russian banks service with no queues.

Simplifying. QIWI
• Only the phone number is required for registration.
• Top up the wallet balance with no fee: with bank card, via online banking, in ATMs, by cash in QIWI Terminals and more. You may also top up the wallet with less fee using your phone balance.
• Pay for everyday services with minimal fee using your phone balance. We provide special offers for Beeline, MegaFon & Tele2 customers.
• Save templates of your payments and money transfers.
• Nearest QIWI Terminals and other top up points on map.

• QIWI Visa Plastic card for offline payments in shops and cafés from the wallet balance.
• Secure online purchase via free virtual Visa card.
• Your wallet on smartphones and tablets.
• NFC technology: pay in shops and cafés from the wallet balance using your smartphone.
• Login in terminals via QR-code.

Several features may be unavailable in some countries.

From version QIWI Wallet 4.46.2:

Пожужжали немного над приложением — убрали баги и добавили красоты.
Обновляйтесь и летите в лето с нами.
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QIWI Wallet 4.46.2


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QIWI Wallet 4.45.1


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QIWI Wallet 4.44.0


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QIWI Wallet 4.43.0


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QIWI Wallet 4.42.1


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QIWI Wallet 4.42.0


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QIWI Wallet 4.41.1


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QIWI Wallet 4.41.0
February 14, 2023


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QIWI Wallet 4.40.2
February 1, 2023


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QIWI Wallet 4.40.1
January 24, 2023


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