Control QMotion® Gen 2 and Gen 3 award winning motorized shades directly from your device. Operate shading as groups. Automated shades may be raised or lowered, moved to preset position, or even moved using touch control for finer adjustment. Please note: This app will NOT control QMotion shades using ZigBee HA1.2, the  Qube, or QIS  hardwired shades.

This app connects with your QSync hardware device using your in-home WiFi network for an easy way to control the motorized shades in your home. Select the QSync device you want to connect to, create one or more groups to put your shades in, and you're ready to go! 

Any Android smartphone or tablet device that you connect to this box may also be synced up with your QSync® device, so you only have to create a group once and you're able to use it on all devices that are connected.

Requires purchase and installation of the QSync control unit, which then must be connected to a network router.

From version QMotion QSync 1.1.3:

Updated Languages
- Spanish
- German
- Italian

Bug Fixes
- Fixed AM All Channel Issue (Certain channels causing all shades to move regardless of group affiliation)

All versions
QMotion QSync 1.1.3
March 12, 2018


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