The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller changes the way you water. It makes running your sprinklers easy and convenient while saving you water and money. Rachio automatically creates a watering schedule that lowers your water bill and ensures the beautiful yard you want, while the mobile app gives you access to your sprinkler system from anywhere. Plus, Rachio is compatible with nearly any sized yard and smart home platform.

This is the companion app to the industry leading Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller.
From version Rachio 3.10.3:
New Features:
* Meet the new devices screen! From here, you can quickly check controller status or complete actions like Quick Run!
* Shared access users can now receive emails or notifications about flow monitoring alerts.

* You can now tap push notifications to go to the home screen of that specific controller.
* Flow monitoring alerts can now be customized in your settings.
* Groundwork for an upcoming feature for our Flow Meter customers…
* Minor bug fixes.
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