Rakuten TV is one of the leading Video On-Demand platforms in Europe. It offers a TVOD service (Transactional VOD) providing viewers a true cinematic experience with the latest new releases in the best audiovisual quality.
It also includes an AVOD (Advertising VOD) section, Rakuten TV Free, in a blend of thematic channels embracing Hollywood classics, local, exclusive and themed content, all for free.

With Rakuten TV you can:
● Watch all the movies and TV series from your library anywhere, anytime
● Easily rent or buy from the entire Rakuten TV catalogue from the palm of your hand
● Watch free movies and exclusive original documentaries such as MessiCirque and Matchday
● Use Chromecast to watch content on your TV
● Download movies and episodes to watch directly from your device, without the need of Internet connection
● Search by title and stream content via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/5G
● Add whichever film or TV series you want to your wishlist in order to find it more easily on our compatible devices
● Enjoy the best TV shows and also the best titles for the whole family

Rakuten TV for Android's interface is designed for 4"", 5"", 6"", 7"", 8"", 9"" and 10"" devices. The content automatically adjusts to your screen for a seamless Android browsing experience.

As all our content is in the cloud, you choose when, where and how to enjoy it.

If you have any questions, please check Settings > Help & Support.

From version Rakuten TV - Movies & TV Series 3.22.0:

Thanks for your reviews! We keep working to improve the app. If you find issues please contact us so we can investigate and help with it!

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Rakuten TV - Movies & TV Series 3.21.0


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Rakuten TV - Movies & TV Series 3.20.1


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Rakuten TV - Movies & TV Series 3.20.0


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Rakuten TV - Movies & TV Series 3.19.4


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Rakuten TV - Movies & TV Series 3.19.3


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Rakuten TV - Movies & TV Series 3.19.2


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Rakuten TV - Movies & TV Series 3.19.1


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Rakuten TV - Movies & TV Series 3.19.0


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Rakuten TV - Movies & TV Series 3.18.4


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