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* To claim Razer Silver on Paid to Play, you must sign in with an existing Razer ID. You can conveniently create one from our app or visit

** Razer Silver earned can be utilized to redeem for Razer products, discount vouchers, games, subscriptions, and more. Go to and check our full terms & conditions to see your eligibility for redemption.

From version Razer Cortex Games: Rewards 7.2.3268:

Fans of Razer—this update is for you! BONUS Razer Silver to be earned. BIGGER rewards catalog to redeem. MORE of what you want. What’s inside?

• NEW Rewards tab, full catalog at your fingertips. Grab sweet loot before it’s gone!
• Performance enhancements, UI updates, & bug fixes

Your premier app for earning Razer Silver. Set your app to “Enable Auto Update” today!

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