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About JioNet

Connect to the India’s largest Wi-Fi network provided by Reliance Jio,
What good is a smartphone or tablet without the Internet? JioNet lets you stay connected at thousands of hotspots across the country, and you’ll never stress about data limits or speed again. You no longer need to login to any JioNet hotspot, there is no need to accept terms and conditions every time you connect to a hotspot. Simply install JioNet app and forget about every hassle.

With JioNet Wi-Fi finder, you are never far from JioNet Wi-Fi
Find the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot so you can always stay connected, help your loved ones by sharing the hotspot details and let us know what you feel about it through feedback. We are eager to hear from you.

Switch to Wi-Fi and unleash your apps!
Tired of waiting for videos to load and large files to download? Can’t update an app on 2G? Say goodbye to limits and get speedy on JioNet Wi-Fi.

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JioNet JioNet-1.7.62
July 16, 2018


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JioNet JioNet-1.7.46
January 25, 2017


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