Play PC VR games inside your mobile VR headset with VRidge technology. For a fraction of the cost!

This app enables RiftCat's VRidge technology on Android phone. Transforming your phone to a powerful VR headset screen. All you need is to put it inside a headmount like Google Cardboard and have fun.

It uses your desktop PC computing power to handle PC VR games and stream it into your phone via WiFi. It simulates the devices like Oculus Rift etc.

VRidge is capable of displaying high quality PC graphics and perfect handling of head rotations.

To use VRidge you have to download RiftCat client. It's available at

From version VRidge 2 2.7.4:

- Improvements in drift correction
- Direct mode is now disabled by default on Xiaomi devices
- Fixed crash when Headset profile was not loaded in time
- Added option to switch back to old rendering backend


Latest: 2.3.13 on February 21, 2019
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