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Chroma Galaxy ist the first fluid art live wallpaper app for mobile devices with an exquisite collection of high resolution wallpapers. All visuals where made by hand with paint, ink and fluids by German artist Roman De Giuli. See colors, glitter and ink smoothly flow and expand on paper, filmed in perfection with an 8K cinema camera. Choose a static or motion wallpaper from the many collections and get stunned by the vibrance and the 3D pop of paint on your display.

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After years of work for global companies, like Sony, Samsung, LG and Microsoft, Roman opens his massive footage archive to private end users for the first time. Having produced hundreds of visuals and color assets for mobile devices, displays and computers, it’s a matter of the heart to finally release an app to the public and bring colorful visuals to your smart device. Unleash the full potential of your smartphone and make it a canvas like never seen before.

Follow Roman on his Fluid Art Channel on YouTube and watch stunning 8K HDR content!

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From version Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpapers 1.3.2:

Bug fixes and battery management improvement

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Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpapers 1.3.2


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Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpapers 1.3.1


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Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpapers 1.3


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Chroma Galaxy Live Wallpapers 1.2


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