Introducing Univision Aprender with Rosetta Stone, the Spanish and English language learning program designed to provide you the best language learning experience. Learn to speak, write and think in your new language with the most robust language learning methodology created by language learning experts.

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The app is brought to you through a unique collaboration between Univision, with more than 60 years of helping the Hispanic community and Rosetta Stone, the company whose award-winning language programs are used by millions of people around the world every day.

A proven method for mastering English or Spanish (Latin American)

Designed by language learning experts, Univision Aprender with Rosetta Stone uses fun, interactive self-paced lessons including pictures, text, sound and real-time scenarios. You learn through total immersion, in a way that really sticks. Practice at your convenience, anytime and anywhere. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you make progress.

Exclusive features have you learning in no time

• Develop core language skills: speaking, reading, and listening.

• Practical training: Gives you opportunities to think and speak on your feet with lessons based on real-life, everyday situations.

• TruAccent: Unique speech recognition technology listens to your pronunciation and helps you correct it, so you can learn to speak more authentically.

• Automatic syncing: Continue your language lesson right where you left off from any of your Android devices: desktop, tablet and mobile. (Applicable to web subscribers only.)
• Offline capability: No Internet? No problem. Simply download lessons to use offline for on-the-go training.

“Rosetta Stone” is a registered trademark of Rosetta Stone Ltd. “Univision” is a registered trademark of New Univision Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

Purchase the in-app upgrade to get instant, unlimited access to all content and features, including:

• Unlimited content: Access 20 units and 720 lessons of content at your convenience.
• Offline capability: No Internet? No problem. Simply download lessons to use offline for on-the-go training.
• Stories: Dive into the world of literature and pick up new vocabulary by reading stories as they’re meant to be read: in their original language.
• Audio Companion: Conveniently listen and learn offline with downloadable audio lessons.

Free trial

Discover the most advanced and effective way to learn English or Spanish on your own time. Download the app and try the first lesson for free (with subsequent lessons available upon purchase of the product).

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From version Learn English and Spanish 1.3.0:

• Fixes a variety of bugs.

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Latest: 1.3.0 on January 17, 2018
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