Simple app for forcing all audio to speakers, headphones, or Bluetooth, even if not detected by Android.

If this app messes up your audio, uninstalling it and rebooting your device will fix it.

Switching to headphones will mute all audio to the speakers ( Android Oreo and below ), including alarms and notifications. This can be disabled in the options.

Includes an Auto-Switch option to automatically switch when headset is connected or disconnected. Also works for Bluetooth.

Bluetooth and switching to headset microphone can be enabled in the settings.

Supports triggering via broadcast receiver intent actions:

As of Android 8.0 Oreo the following values are also required:
Package: com.nordskog.LesserAudioSwitch
Class: com.nordskog.LesserAudioSwitch.SoundBroadcastReceiver
From version Lesser AudioSwitch 1.6.7:
Fixed broadcast intents ( My bad )
Fixed the background service notification being the wrong importance level on Oreo
Fixed an issue that could sometimes result in the service crashing on some devices
Restored support for older devices
Added intent event log for debugging purposes
(Android 4.0+)
Latest: 1.6.7 on October 19, 2018
(Android 4.3+)
Latest: 1.6.1 on September 16, 2018
All versions
October 19, 2018
September 16, 2018