World Quest is an idle RPG where you complete quests and earn loot to level up your hero. Find new items, and learn new skills as you journey through a vibrant, ever-changing world together with other players. There’s a massive world to explore! Who will be the first to conquer the world’s toughest foes? Or will you do it together?

– Quest across a living world in an RPG adventure!
– Collect items, chests, and rare loot.
– Choose a hero class that fits your playstyle.
– Unlock tons of skills for you hero.
– Equip your hero with the best weapons and armor to defeat tough foes!
– Create guilds and play the game with friends – MMO style!
– Your hero continues the idle RPG adventure – even while you’re away.

*Idle World*
World Quest is an idle adventure game! Your hero is constantly fighting and looting items in this huge world – even while you are away. Whenever you open the game you will have new items, new world monsters, and new world quests to complete. There is no better feeling than returning to World Quest!

*Hero Classes*
How will you fight in World Quest? Fireballs or arrows, shields or daggers? Choose your favorite hero class and gear up with items and skills! Will you figure out the most powerful way to take on the evil monsters?

*Auto Battle*
Your hero is constantly fighting enemies, but you choose which items and skills should be used. Create the most epic combination of skills in order to venture to the most dangerous places of World Quest!

For fans of MMO games, RPGs, idle games, or fantasy adventure, World Quest delivers with MMO style quests, plenty of character customization, and lots of loot!

From version World Quest - Idle MMO 1.7.0:

You can now visit the shop on a regular basis to claim a free chest.
An XP potion has been added to the shop.
Bug fixes for quests “Key to the Gates”, “The Old Tree” and “Find the Fragments”.
We have made general shop improvements.
To see more changes, read the patch notes below!
- The World Quest Team

Latest: 1.0.0 on July 29, 2019
Latest: 1.0.0 on July 26, 2019
Latest: 1.0.0 on July 29, 2019
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