Clip Stack The easiest way to extend multi clipboard for Android.

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Android 10 Special Tips:

Since Android 10 background clipboard access has been limited so you have to grant these ADB permissions to Clip Stack on your computer:

adb -d shell appops set com.catchingnow.tinyclipboardmanager SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW allow;
adb -d shell pm grant com.catchingnow.tinyclipboardmanager android.permission.READ_LOGS;

There is no impact on the version below android 10 and can be used directly.

- XDA-Developers: The developer offers up an app that allows you to control your clipboard and easily store multiple links and copies.

- Droid Views: After extensively using this app I must say this app is a true winner in actually making it easier for us to freely copy text and then use it some other time.


🌐 Unlimited Clipboards

Clip Stack can remember all your clipboard history and recover text after reboot. It's a clipboard manager, a user friendly notebook, and maybe a tiny GTD manager.

You can easily copy, share, star, delete, and merge every text.

🌐 Works Everywhere

Whatever phone or tablet, all Android devices are supported.

🌐 Powerful Notification

Clip stack's notification is simple and powerful. You can switch the recent 5 texts just in notification.

Notification will be displayed only when copying new text and you can dismiss it by swipe or even disable it by long press.

🌐 Permission Usage

RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Start a background service to listen the system clipboard. It only cost 6M - 10M RAM. You can close it in Settings if you really don't want it.

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For export clipboard history. This app won't write any other files to your SD card.

VENDING.BILLING: Only for donate. Clip stack is a free app.

SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW and READ_LOGS: For Android 10's background clipboard limitation and will not be used on other systems.

From version Clip Stack - Clipboard Manager 1.9.3:

- Support Android 10.

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