Play 2on2 freestyle basketball game and build your cartoon basketball super team!

Take head-to-head basketball game to a whole new level with Basketball Playgrounds! If you are bored with classic free basketball games and starve for something special and outstanding among free sports games let’s try this streetball jam simulator. We present Basketball Playgrounds, a real-time, head-to-head mobile fantasy basketball battle game for your device. It’s a cool opportunity to shoot hoops in different countries and cities ‘cause they are all around the world!

Build a legendary basketball team! Collect players, and build your fantasy roster to take on all challengers. But this isn't any regular basketball game. This is fast-paced, 2-on-2 arcade basketball, so prepare for bigger dunks and longer bombs in this all-out action. Who is your favorite hoop superstar? All the players have their unique talents and abilities, special features and favorite technique. Choose your cartoon basketball hero!

Basketball Playgrounds

🏀 Simple and fun: ball out, get rewarded, upgrade your players and team... and ball out again!
🏀 Quick, fast-paced arcade basketball gameplay
🏀 2on2 basketball duels with special player abilities and stat boosts
🏀 Global leaderboard rankings with more and more challenging Playgrounds
🏀 New player unlocks and upgrades
🏀 Daily challenges for more opportunities for rewards

Get the hottest streetball game experience, create your own dream team, compete against strong players, improve your player’s shooting, passing and blocking.

DISCLAIMER: Basketball Playgrounds is free to download and play, but certain content and virtual currency can be purchased with real money. Basketball Playgrounds requires WIFI connectivity to play.

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Basketball Playgrounds 8.0.53558 (Early Access)


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Basketball Playgrounds 4.0.37833 (Early Access)


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