What's new in utter! Voice Commands (Deprecated)

From version utter! Voice Commands (Deprecated) 3.1.3 beta:

• Conversation mode
• Music recognition
- Shazam
- SoundHound
- Google
• Emotion analysis
- Memotion
• Query calendar
• Text with natural language
• Search Netflix
• App shortcuts
- Books
- Playlists
- Documents
• All searchable apps
• Search the sky
• Set a timer
• Deezer support
• Start radio [All Access]
• Navigate to events
• Translate text to 20+ languages
• Improved hot word
• Remove pesky ads
• Infinite bug fixes
• Infinitely faster
+ Soooo much more!

About utter! Voice Commands (Deprecated)

The app is no longer maintained - Please install the shiny new version called Saiy from the Play Store here - goo.gl/5CRbGg

utter! previous version - goo.gl/MFw8jQ

If you intend to install this application, rather than migrating to Saiy (why?!?!), please refer to the store listing featured for Saiy.

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utter! Voice Commands (Deprecated) 3.1.3 beta


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