Hurry is a tiny app for big moments. Countdown the days, minutes and seconds for any upcoming event. A party, holiday or an upcoming concert? Sorted. Mark off the days until Christmas? Hurry will keep you pumped with optional notifications/widgets and refreshing new gifs. Hurry contains all sizes of widgets with variations to suit your home screen. Share an event with your friends/family so they can join in on the excitement too. You can repeated events and events straight from your calendar.

• Countdown to the big days in your life
• Add events from your calendar
• Repeated events (e.g. every 3rd Friday of the month)
• Share events with your friends
• Widgets to fit every home screen
• Backup & sync between devices
• Discover events near you
• More GIFs than you'll ever need
From version Hurry - Countdown to Birthday/Vacation (& Widgets) 22.0:
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Latest: 13.0.4 on March 13, 2018
Latest: 22.0 on June 20, 2019
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