Notes section - add quick notes to your events. If you add a link to the notes section you'll get a handy button to press in your notifications to jump to that link without having to dig into the app (great for reminders for live streams, online events or ticket releases)
New categories for Weddings, Flights, Movie/TV & School
Discover section for finding events near you
New interface with new opening animation
Faster and smoother
Hurry is a tiny app for big moments. Countdown the days, minutes and seconds for any upcoming event. A party, holiday or an upcoming concert? Sorted. Mark off the days until Christmas? Hurry will keep you pumped with optional notifications/widgets and refreshing new gifs. Hurry contains all sizes of widgets with variations to suit your home screen. Share an event with your friends/family so they can join in on the excitement too. You can repeated events and events straight from your calendar.

• Countdown to the big days in your life
• Add events from your calendar
• Repeated events (e.g. every 3rd Friday of the month)
• Share events with your friends
• Widgets to fit every home screen
• Backup & sync between devices
• Discover events near you
• More GIFs than you'll ever need
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March 13, 2018
Android 5.0+
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