Find useful information quickly and easily without turning the screen on.
Find useful information quickly and easily on the Always On Display without turning the screen on.

▷ Just tap to show AOD.
- Tap only when necessary to view the clock and other useful information!
- You can choose to show AOD always while the screen is off, or only during set times.
- Configuration path: Settings > Lock screen > Always On Display > Display mode
▷ A wide variety of clock styles are offered. Choose the clock style you want!
- Digital clock, analog clock, world clock, Edge clock, calendar, image, etc.
- Moving AGIF can also be set for the AOD screen.
- Setting route: Settings > Lock screen > Always On Display > Clock style
▷ You can check useful information and widgets without turning on the screen!
- Double-tap the clock area to experience various widgets on the AOD screen.
- Types of widgets: Music, weather, today’s schedule, next alarm, Digital Wellbeing, Bixby Routines, etc.
- Setting route: Settings > Lock screen > Widgets > Display on Always On Display
▷ AOD Themes
- Download AOD-exclusive themes from the Theme Store.
- Decorate your very own AOD screen using various themes.
▷ Adjust the brightness to four different levels!
- Use the AOD with the brightness you want at the moment you need it.
- Configuration path: Settings > Lock screen > Always On Display > Auto brightness
▷ Now AOD has landscape view too!
- Rotate your device to the desired orientation.
- Configuration path: Settings > Lock screen > Always On Display > Screen orientation
※ Certain features may not be supported on some models.
※ If you want to know more about Always On Display, submit your enquiry using Contact us in the app
The following access authority are required for service delivery:
[Required access authority]
- Storage space : Used to display images stored on the device on the AOD
- Telephone: Uses SIM-related information(just sim state only) to display roaming clocks
- Calendar: Uses Calendar event information to display in widgets

From version [Samsung] Always On Display 8.1.44:

Fixed a phenomenon in which the AOD could not be seen intermittently or it stopped briefly. This phenomenon may occur when customers who have downloaded Goodlock try to set many different clocks through the ClockFace feature.

All versions
[Samsung] Always On Display 8.1.44


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[Samsung] Always On Display 8.1.251


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[Samsung] Always On Display 8.0.77


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[Samsung] Always On Display 8.0.73


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[Samsung] Always On Display 8.0.61


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[Samsung] Always On Display 8.0.60


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