Dear ChatON Users,

ChatON service is no longer available from [Feb 1, 2015, KST].
Based on ChatON, we developed and released a new messenger "Samsung KNOX Message BETA".

SAMSUNG KNOX Message BETA is a specialized messenger for robust security and seamless collaboration within companies or groups. You can download it from application stores now.

※ Major functions of KNOX Message BETA
- Secret chat : Copy/share/forward/screen capture are prohibited
- Host authority : Member management and chat room deletion
- Recall messages : Deleting messages or contents sent to counterparts' devices
- Department chart browsing and search
- IT Admin : Feature management and statistics

Dear ChatON Users,

As previously notified, the ChatON service will no longer be available from [Feb 1, 2015, KST] (“Effective Date”), with the exception of the service in the United States.
- You can still access and save your chat history (text only) on your device by using the back-up function, provided that you have not deleted each relevant chat room.
- All your personal information will be treated in accordance with our privacy policy.
We appreciate your support for our services, and our Customer Support team ( will be available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
The ChatON Service Team

From version ChatON 3.5.839:
Latest: 3.1.102 on September 28, 2014
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