Version: 1.0.25-14 (102500014)
arm + arm64
8.21 MB (8,606,400 bytes)
Min: Android 7.0 (Nougat, API 24)
Target: Android 7.0 (Nougat, API 24)
Uploaded June 15, 2017 at 8:19AM UTC by Kelvin Cheung
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- We fixed the issue that stopped Bixby Voice from working after the RAM was cleaned.
- We fixed the issue where the Update button was still available even after the app was updated to the latest version.
For a more pleasant experience while using your Galaxy smartphone, try the "Device Maintenance" app by Samsung Electronics. With the "Device Maintenance" app, anyone can easily keep their smartphone in good condition. The intuitive screen layout and interactions help the user check the condition of their device at a single glance and maintain their smartphone easily without expert knowledge, as it enables them to take prompt actions if problems, such as malware (viruses, spyware), arise.

[Main features]
- Reports the current condition of a customer's smartphone on a 100-point scale;
- Optimizes a smartphone in one simple click;
- Analyzes battery usage on a per-app basis and saves battery power by checking unused apps via App power monitor;
- Identifies battery-draining apps;
- Provides Power saving mode and Maximum power saving mode to ensure that the user can enjoy their smartphone for an extended period of time;
- Offers a feature to remove unnecessary files automatically;
- Configure your Galaxy device in a desired mode. Select from four Performance modes to give your smartphone to perform better: Optimize mode, Game mode, Entertainment mode, and High performance mode;
- Manages and frees up RAM efficiently;
- Detects malware (viruses, spyware) and provides real-time protection for smartphones; and
- Offers two widget types and an edge panel for customer convenience.

Certain Galaxy devices may not support some of the features outlined above.

This release may come in several variants. Consult our handy FAQ to see which download is right for you.

June 15, 2017
arm64 + arm
Android 7.0+
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  • Daniele Giraud

    Cannot install… Conflict…

    • Kelvin Cheung

      Same on May security patch. F**KING SAMSUNG

      • haha

        what are you surprised about? They block it deliberately :)

        • SleepyK

          (My tin-hat view of this:) It’s almost like the initial reviews of the half baked s8 release, and the s8 system dump that was released before the s8 itself, caught Samsung by the short hairs in realizing that a ton of the s7 users and some s6 users will rather just install the s8 exclusive apps themselves instead of buying an s8 that, besides the screen and Benchmark scores, really isn’t that big of a step up from recent older generations. At least not one big enough to make money come flying out of s6/s7 owners pockets. That led to them having a corporate get together and leaving that boardroom with the winning idea to downright block installation of the said Samsung published ‘s8 system’ apps..

          What’s ironic to me, is I can go sideload almost any other manufacturers ‘system’ apps with no conflict but Sammy in house apps are a no go..

          • Kimi Kallio

            I had conflict errors before, but something happened (still dont know what) and I was able to install all system apps. I didnt even install or uninstall any software updates :D

          • SleepyK

            Wish I had that working for my s7e or my s7, although they are both past April patch, Unfortunately..

            For most though, it appears to be dependent on having an April security patch or newer, possibly even March, whether or not the so called system app will install or conflict. I didn’t have a single conflict, and I mean not a single one, while installing any app I tried with the s8 system dump. Also each and every update on apkmirrior for the said s8 apps was a success. It wasnt untill the very minute after I updated to the April patch, that I tried installing an update from apkmirrior and that’s when I started to run into conflicts.

            I read reports of it happening to others, but since I had no prior issues, I stupidly figured I was safe and in the clear.. Boy was I wrong!

            Not to say there aren’t always going to be exceptions to the Package Conflict issue rule, there are always one or two that have success but will ultimately run into it eventually down the line.

            From my daily habitual reading on apkmirrior and XDA comments, there have been a lot less that have experienced this issue before an April patch. At the same time, do a 180, and there are people working off a May patch that still have no issues installing things at all. But in general terms, after a set point that Samsung wants us to reach in our updates on older Samsung devices, we presumably won’t be able to download any Samsung system app unless it’s signed for that very phone. :(

            I am still able to install all Bixby related items, except for the framework of ‘Voice wake up’ as it conflicts with ‘s voice wake up’ framework already installed (guess). Also things like Reminder I can install no prob, cause there’s no system app to match in s7 system to conflict with.

            But the updated versions of the s8s system apps that are now outdated on the s7 and earlier devices, which are part of the reasons why one would upgrade to an s8, are now being disabled on older Samsung phones, forcing you to buy an s8 if you want the updated apps.

          • Kelvin Cheung

            Hey caught the time after the update but before the first reboot, this is the time that you can install the ‘conflicted apks.

          • SleepyK

            Thanks for the tip, if end up doing a reset, I can record my results and report back, hopefully we can all find a solution for the masses.

            The other issue is I have read on XDA that a couple of s7 users went through with the factory reset, and without rebooting, downloading or making any changes, they attempted to install conflicted apks and still ended up with said conflicts. And one user reported being able to install a few immediately after reset but even without a reboot after a very short time they encountered same issues..

            Now to be fair, who the heck knows if those people are being true to their own words and actually followed the “don’t reboot” option or the “don’t touch any apps or settings” approach and that just might be the issue/confusion, idk.

            Unfortunately, for the data I would like to save, the accuracy of the results aren’t enough for me to reset and lose my free version of Disconnect Pro that I was able to grab before that mirror got taken down..

            But then again, on my device, now even pre – operational apps like Bixby home/Hello Bixby are really starting to act up on my device, as well as gallery is having a terrible time syncing with Bixby home and opening up in general without crashing, so as the days go on, I’m almost forced to reset.

          • Kelvin Cheung

            Really? On my Tab S2, if I can make the device not to reboot itself or manul reboot, I can install the ‘conflicted’ apps properly, the situation should be same on all Samsung devices. I do not know if the samsung have attemped to make s7 deives self-rebooted but they do not know. If yes, Samsung has really done a incredibly ‘great’ jobs to us.

          • Kelvin Cheung
  • Kimi Kallio

    Installs fine on my unrooted s7e. I dont get conflicts anymore.

  • Rober

    Can’t install it. Conflict on S7 edge whit May update 😤

  • edward

    The package conflicts with another package with the same name…