The Health Platform is an Android-based mobile/Watch platform service that helps you collect and manage your personal health data generated by various health apps. Health Platform supports Health Data API provided by Google to enable health apps to manage health data securely on the device. Health Platform supports Samsung devices only.

Storing data
Health data measured or recorded from various health apps on smartphones as well as from smartwatches can be stored on the Health Platform. (Types of data supported: heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood sugar, blood pressure, body weight, sleep, steps, distance walked, calories burned, intake information, etc.)

Syncing data
Try setting the data syncing (sending/receiving data) on the settings screens of various health apps that support the Health Platform. Health data stored on the Health Platform can be shared with various health apps.

Backing up data
Log in to your Samsung account to back up your health data safely. Any health data collected on the server is not used for any purpose other than for backup purposes.

Start your first syncing on Samsung Health!

Usage Environment
Health Platform supports Samsung devices only.
Tablets and some mobile devices are not supported, and detailed features may vary depending on the user’s country of residence, region, network carrier, model of the device, etc.
This service is available in approximately 70 languages, including English, French, and Chinese, and the English version is provided for regions that use other languages.

By default, access permission as follows is required to offer the service. In the case of optional access permissions, basic features of the service can be used even if they are not granted.

[Optional Access Permission]
- Physical activity: Used to count your steps or to detect movement
- Body measurement sensor: Used to measure heart rate, body mass index, electrocardiogram, etc.
- Contacts: Used to confirm Samsung account login status
- Storage: Used to download health data from the backup server and store it in your device

Supported Devices:
- Samsung Mobile devices over Android O
- Wear OS devices powered by Samsung

From version Health Platform

* Various bug fixes and improvements applied.

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