Customize your special Quickpanel.

- Make simple status bar.

※ Theme in QuickPanel will be moved as one menu of ThemePark. Please wait until the offical release of Good Lock 2021( early Feb, 2021)

[Detail Description]
QuickStar is QuickPanel Star that SystemUI service app for early adopters.
QuickStar is a plugin application for customizing of SAMSUNG SystemUI Quicksettings components.
By using this, You can change layouts and settings of Google Basic Quickpanel which is blocked by Samsung and can handle new features of Notification that QuickStar provide.
We are trying to make fresh experience for users.

- Android O os 8.0 SAMSUNG devices.
- Android P os 9.0 SAMSUNG devices.
- Android Q os 10 SAMSUNG devices.
- Android R os 11 SAMSUNG devices.

- Korean
- English
- Chinese

[Version Code]


From version Samsung QuickStar

- Added new menu, "Style your own Quick Panel"

- Fixed an error not-restored a feature like Quick button grid after device reboot
(※ After using DEX, the unrecovered issue can be improved through SW update in device)

- Support VPN icon in "Visibility of Indicator Icons"
- Change app icon and improve GUI

(Android 9.0+)
Latest: on October 10, 2019
All versions
February 2, 2021
December 11, 2020
February 3, 2020
October 10, 2019