When charging the tablet, Daily Board gives you access to information that you will find useful in your daily life, as well as photos at all times.
A night theme is also available to help you prevent night glare.

▷ Time, Weather, Calendar
• We tried to make them recognizable even from a distance and highlight their refined beauty.
• Set and use the layout in your desired shape.

▷ Photo Slide Show
• You can always view albums created in Samsung Gallery on the Daily Board.
• You can view photos shared by your friends and family by integrating Samsung Experience Service.
• Add images such as your favorite painting, and use it as your very own decorative piece.

▷ Memo Board
• You can post a to-do list, memos for your family, drawings your child made on the Daily Board, and family members can easily check them at all times.
• Live memo mode presents your memos with an animated view.
(You can switch modes at the bottom-right section of the Memo Board screen.)

▷ Music Controller
• Control music from the Daily Board. (Play/Pause/Skip)

▷ SmartThings
• SmartThings board was added to Daily Board.
• You can check at a glance the status of the devices registered with SmartThings and control them easily and conveniently.

-When you connect a USB charger, a notification advising you to open Daily Board appears in the Quick settings panel. Daily Board will open when you tap this notification.

- Or, when connecting to the USB charger, you can tap a quick launch icon for Daily Board displayed on the navigation bar to launch it.
(Available only when the navigation bar style is set to “Navigation buttons.”. )

- When connecting to the Pogo charging dock, a separately sold accessory, Daily Board can be run automatically.

※ Features in Android 10.0 or newer versions

From version Samsung Daily Board

▷ Labs menu is now available
• You can run Daily Board by creating an application icon. Try using Daily Board at any time, even when it's not charging. (Labs > Add Daily Board to Apps screen)

• A setting has been added that allows Daily Board to run automatically when the charger is connected. (Labs > Auto start when charging)

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