Create your very own videos using Movie Maker.
If you need some quick and convenient editing, try Theme.
It is easy to obtain results that include dazzling video effects and background music.
If you need to use multiple media files such as videos, images, music, text, and recordings, try Custom.
Using media sources provided for each clip, you can perform editing more dynamically.
Movie Maker is an editing app that everyone, from beginners to experts, can use easily.

[Key Features]
■ Theme
□ Four New Themes: Active, Humorous, Romantic, and Peaceful
- Create videos more easily and conveniently using the Theme feature which offers a variety of effects that go well with each concept and background music tracks suitable for each Theme.
□ Add Text Feature
- Add text to videos using different fonts that work well with your Theme.
□ Change Themes Feature
- Change your Theme on the Edit Projects screen.
■ Custom
□ Combine Different Media
- Background music: Use the 25 default background music tracks as well as music files stored on your device.
- Rich text: Multiple options are available including Font, Size, Color, and Alignment.
- Recording: Add narration tracks to specific timepoints.
□ Offers Title Clips
- Add a title clip to the beginning/middle/end of your project to improve its completeness.
□ Supports Pinch-to-Zoom
- Zoom in on a certain part of a video file and edit the part separately.
■ Share
□ Share as 'Video File'
- Share a video you have edited with your family or friends and enjoy your precious records with them.

In order for us to provide you with our services, we need your permission to access the items described below. You can still enjoy the basic features of our services without granting Optional access permissions.
- Required access permissions
Camera: Add videos and images using Camera during editing projects.
Microphone: Enable the Narration feature for inserting your voice into videos during editing projects.
Storage: Import stored images/videos/source sources and save edited videos to a storage device.

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Samsung Movie Maker

Samsung Movie Maker to be discontinued after Android P update


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