Samsung XR is a fully optimized platform for seamless, immersive experiences on your Galaxy phone. Whether it’s using our AR camera to capture video with a volumetric character in the real world, discovering new AR apps and games, or exploring our vast library of 360º videos, Samsung XR is your go-to destination for compelling, immersive digital media.

Watch holographic content come to life.
Samsung XR now allows you to download or stream volumetric video and other 3D media (GLTF) on your Galaxy device. Capture characters and objects in the real world using our new AR Camera feature and share original creations with your network.

Distribute your 3D assets and volumetric videos.
Become a Creator* and distribute your own 3D assets and volumetric videos to millions of devices in minutes.
*Create an account at and request access to our 3D Media beta program by emailing [email protected].

Discover AR apps and games.
We’ve aggregated some of the best AR apps and games available for mobile devices. Immerse yourself and explore some of our favorite AR experiences.

Explore our vast 360º video library.
With an extensive video library of 360º entertainment, there’s no limit to where you can go. Scroll through your personalized feed, filled with content tailored to your tastes or explore a wide-range of categories including Sports, Autos and Machines, Nature, Science, Travel, and even some of your favorite brands.

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From version Samsung XR 3.0.33:

• Stream volumetric videos and 3D media
• Share images and videos captured using AR camera
• Added support for Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra
• Other fixes and enhancements

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