Name of App: Samsung TTS Dutch Default voice 1

※ For the best performance, please update your Samsung TTS with the latest version ※
※ If the Operating system of your device is P OS or higher version, before using TTS, please update latest Samsung TTS version over
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Language pack for Samsung Text-to-Speech (TTS)
TTS (text-to-speech) converts written text to speech and is used in applications like S-Voice, S-Translator, eBook, Talkback etc.
- Language: Dutch
- Voice Type: Female

1. Push the install button for package installation (Please note that it does not support a launch menu and you will be required to choose it from settings after installation).

2. If you want to change more details, go to:
Settings > My device (or Controls) > Langauge and Input > Text-to-speech options > Samsung Text-to-speech engine setting icon (touch the toothed wheel like icon)

3. Then you can choose between the 3 available options.
- Language: Set the langauge of your choice
- Settings for Samsung text-to-speech engines: Set langauge and voice for spoken text
- Install voice data: List of available TTS packages

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