Task Changer with new style.

- Android O os 8.0 SAMSUNG devices.

- Korean
- English


From version Samsung Task Changer

Pre-preparation before OneUI 3

Fixed a problem where gesture area was incorrectly applied in landscape mode. (galaxy fold)
Fixed the problem 'open in pop-up view' does not work on certain devices.

Fixed a problem that the operation did not work properly when executing split.

Fixed the problem of touching the lower area in dex mode.
Apply the concept of keeping a specific app in the background state.

Stabilization code added.
Fixed an issue where the same word was entered twice when entering the keyboard after setting the gesture.

Fixes a problem that could not touch the bottom with s-pen.
Fixed the problem of going to home when inputting several characters at the bottom of keyboard.
Fixes a problem where effects are shown when device helper is not set.
Fixed accessibility magnifier and zoom gesture behavior.

Fixed the problem of switching app behavior in P OS.

Fixes an issue where an app touch wasn't good in the bottom gesture area.
Added option to switch previous apps to gestures.
Fixed issue with overlapping Close all button on some layouts.
Fixed the problem that gesture does not work on some models.

Apply stabilization code.
Provide gesture cube effect ON / OFF menu.
(Known issue : Assis app will not work if Gesture hint OFF. Please wait next release.)

The vertical stack layout type has been added.
Show cube effect when gesture.

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September 23, 2020
February 27, 2020
February 24, 2020
February 10, 2020