The Samsung ‘Wireless Audio – Multiroom’ system enables listeners to enjoy tether-free entertainment in any room in the house, from virtually any audio source, all controlled from a downloadable app and facilitated by easy installation.

Stream all music, anywhere
It’s easy to find and play the music you love from various free Internet radio or music services*. Play different songs in different rooms or play the same song all throughout the house - give a room sound simply by adding extra speakers.
(* Music services vary by region)

Easy Control
Liberate your listening experience and take back control via a simple downloadable remote app.

Please contact the following if you are having problems operating Multirom Speaker or App

- Website :

- e-mail : [email protected] (USA)

[email protected] (United Kingdom)

[email protected] (Germany)

[email protected] (France)

[email protected] (Netherland, Luxemburg, Belgium)

[email protected] (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland)

[email protected] (Others country)
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