How many times your friend or family have captured your images & your instant reaction was "Show Me"?

While collecting images after vacation with friends, you almost all your friends have captured same/similar images & you end up spending more time in deleting images than you did for collecting images.

You have given your phone to friend for capturing Group phone which was already clicked in other friends device

Groupshare is simplest solution for all the above problems. Groupshare allow users to share photos/videos with friends in proximity, without a network connection using Google's nearby APIs.

Note: This application is integrated as part of Social Camera in few of Samsung devices like Galaxy-A6-Plus, Galaxy-A6, Galaxy-J7-Duo.
If you have the device please follow the path:
Camera -> Social Camera -> GroupShare
Create Group: create a group and ask your friends to join using the password
Join Group: Join an existing group using the pin and start sharing pictures real time

From version Samsung Group Share 2.5.47 beta:

Improved version of Group Share with bug fixes

All versions
Samsung Group Share 2.5.47 beta


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